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# 10 About phasers and beam spread
02-04-2013, 11:35 PM
The main reason why I think a phaser is not comparable to an Isomagnetic Disintegrator is the beam spread and force of impact of the blast.

Phaser beams when configured for wide beam would probably hit 2-3 targets at best.

They're designed to hit single targets, not deliver AOE shots.

Also, the high level of energy required to deliver a blast that powerful would now doubt require quite a large power cell and firing mechanism.
Hence why the weapon is larger then the standard phaser rifle.

I'm assuming there had to be a reason why this weapon was created, after all, the Starfleet Armory Research Division aren't idiots.

Oh wait, they're the ones who recommended we use better phasers against the Borg instead of the TR-116a rifle and it's associated weapon technology!
Never mind......