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Originally Posted by saifaldin View Post
Ok, don't know if this is even the right place for this, but...

I have been playing for awhile now and have come up with some changes I'd like to see.

1> Lobi exchange, make them trade-able or have an exchange for dilithium or EC much like the dilithium to Zen exchange. You might offer them in the C-store for a price maybe 250 lobi crystals for 250 Zen.

2> More Carriers for the feds, serious lack compared with the KDF.

3> More science type ships for KDF. My science officer can't get a decent ship unless I buy one with RLmoney (Zen).

I am sure there are others that might have really good changes that would improve the game. I think all Perfectworld has to do is ask. And as a final note, change the foundry back. I haven't seen anyone that likes the changes.
As others said, there's no reason for Cryptic to make Lobi available in non-lockbox ways for now.

The simple reason is math. Lockboxes are incredibly profitable right now. Players who want to buy Lobi ships will end up spending up to TWO HUNDRED dollars, assuming they get the minimum of 4 crystals per box and don't trade Dil for Zen.

For comparison, that's the same price as a lifetime subscription (which carries more value-per-benefit IMO), and almost as much as what they'd make if a player bought EVERY SHIP on the store IIRC

There's no way Cryptic will make the same amount of money if they sold Lobi on the C-store straight.

And for those who just say "buy the lobi ships on the exchange", you're forgetting that SOMEONE has to buy the Lobi ships in the first place to put up for sale, so SOMEONE is opening those boxes. Furthermore, there are some people who are purchasing those Lobi ships SOLELY to sell for EC, which means they could be spending HUGE amounts of money on keys.

Anyway, selling lobi also DEVALUES the lockboxes, effectively removing HALF the biggest draw for buying master keys, since you could just buy Lobi if you don't want the lockbox ship.

Example: The Mobius Temporal Destroyer is more popular than the Wells, so if they sold Lobi on the C-store everyone who wants a Mobius would have no real reason to buy a Master Key to open the Temporal Lockbox.

Say what you like about how bad "gambling" is (IMO it's not really gambling since there's always some kind of gain when you open a box, though you CAN end up with a net "loss" by certain metrics), it's making money. Cryptic is a business.

Only time will tell if the loss in indignant players will hurt the game more than the monetary gain (I predict it won't), but for now lockboxes are here to stay, for better or worse.

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