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02-04-2013, 11:48 PM
Part 3 : Devil's Devout

Some very compelling, mid series wrap up/climax leaving you with a feeling of a hard fought victory against a major enemy, with shadows of further adventure. Excellent storytelling.
Spelling and grammar continue to be something to give a pass at. (Eon instead of Ion for example) But such errors are minor quibbles, and they are not something that appears often.

Again, an excellent use of the stock maps. All are dressed up very nicely.

I didn't quite get a feel for Vulcan while I was there.
It felt like having more optional ways to encounter the people and culture there would have been welcome. I was after all supposedly the 1st KDF there in many years. I know the storyline has me hurried at this point. I just wanted more from Vulan, I guess.

This mission also contained the first moment that pulled me out of the story and broke immersion. It was at the very end. J'mpok's Flagship is called Qo'Nos 'wa ? (Qo'Nos One?)
It just felt wrong. Why would a Klingon flagship have a similar naming convention to the Airplane a US President flies in.
I was expecting something like 'The Fist of Kahless' or something like that.
It just drew me out of the story is all.

Combats in this one were great.
As always I played on elite, and everything felt really well balanced.
I might tighten up the space mobs a little, but really well designed and challenging.

Excellent work.
Looking forward to playing Part 4.