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02-04-2013, 11:52 PM
Really, this whole discussion IS "Mushroom cloud and steel casing"-A nerf is not the answer (nor should it be), The developers released the JHAS and will continue to re-release it over time, and it will continue to show up at Ker'rat and in the PvP ques, and it will likely persist in being "The" flawless DPS ship, because it's a choice that really can NOT be unmade at this point.

Which, I suspect, is just a statement of where things stand at present. About the ONLY nerf that I could see being worth the effort, is too complicated a set of coding for the Dev team to attempt-that being, to restrict it, and perhaps the other Lockbox/Lobi ships, to a specific technology base while leaving the other, faction-specific, ships free to use whatever sets happen to be available. (i.e. restricting Jem ships to a choice of drop gear OR Jem'Hadar sets.)

This would reflect too much work to attempt, and would probably create undesirable side-effects (bugs-as in defective code interactions that damage the playability of the game for some users).

The direction of Cryptic's development thus far, has been to remove faction tech barriers, not maintain or strengthen them. This, too, will not change, if anything it will accellerate, given past development by Cryptic's staff.

The alternative for those that want "Balanced" PvP, is to establish league play and actually enforce restrictions on gearing (Hilbert's "Classic" PvP effort being a prime example of this), but in "Open" PvP, it's pretty much going to be the team willing to spend the most money is going to win, which in a weird way reflects auto racing's old adage "Speed costs money, how fast you wanna go?"
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