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# 1 What to do with a Ferengi?
02-05-2013, 01:02 AM
A Ferengi faction, if it comes at all, is not coming any time soon, but I still want one.

In the meantime, I was thinking about creating a Ferengi character. Of course, he would have to be Federation and of course, he would get one of the D'koras and Ferengi shuttles I found on the exchange for a few million EC.

The question is, how do I pull this off?

I don't see a Ferengi being a scientist, so the question is, Tac or Engineer? Which is better in the D'kora? Which traits should I pick?

Also, what about the clothing? Obviously, uniforms are out. What is the most canon Ferengi uniforms? Also, if I buy a lock box Ferengi suit, will it work for my bridge officers?

And what about the Bridge officers? Should they all be Ferengi? Maybe an Orion slave girl or Lethean mercenary? A Packled? Which bridge officers make sense?

And what weapons make sense for the D'kora?

Also, what is a good name?

It will probably be a long time before this character gets to VA, but I want to get started planning now. Your suggestions are appreciated.