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One way to really have a chance as a tac is to be in cloaking ship like a defiant, and try to rip is shields away and put torps through against the sci ships weak hull before he has a chance to react.

B'rel can transphasic him to death, and have lots of sci spam of your own to cover your escapes whenever he decloaks you. Sci ship have weak hull so weak against transphaic spam, use transphasic torps, dpb mines and cluster torp, and use torp doffs to keep the cluster reloading fast, once it crits he is dead. Use the mines before cluster to make more spam so harder for him to shoot it down and fire it point blank range, and scramble him a lot to.
I've gotten a lucky one-shot kill on a fully healed Sci officer in a Wells with my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. I decloaked in front of him and hit him fully buffed. I must have gotten really lucky with my criticals. I only fly an all cannon build. Other than my lucky one kill on him, he killed me the other 5 times.

The same fleet mate also has a B'rel transphasic torpedo. Or, used to. He used to love it, but now is saying that it's a pain in the butt to try and coordinate 2x THY or 1x THY and 1x TS. I prefer a build with various torpedo types. In the past, he's had a hard time against my B'rel, because the re-cloaking animation trumps sensor scan. He can still sensor scan me, but when the ship re-cloaks, he loses me for a few seconds before he can see me again (while I'm cloaked). This gives me a short window to change direction and might give me a chance to get away. If you're going to be in a B'rel and going up against a Sci ship, always remember to keep away at least 6-7km away from them, so you can avoid getting tractored or revealed.