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Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
After I think only 3 weeks, I made it to VA as an engineer. Here's what i notice in terms of ship choice:
1) Cruiser is just plain bad even in episodes Tried Ambassador Retrofit and found myself got killed way faster than in my Patrol Escort while not fealing enough damages.
2) Really happy with my Steamrunner

The issue is that technically speaking, carrier (not escort carrier) is a different class due to it having 2x hanger instead of one... but if carefully analyzed, I just realized that carrier is basically a cruiser.

Thus I am wondering:
1) May I consider 2-hanger carriers be equated to cruisers?
2) should I buy the plain version of carrier/escort carrier, buy keys for the lockbox, or get the fleet variant either by using fleet modules or from ESD (whatever that is?)
I'd contest your bashing of cruisers and throw in a "lrn2play", but that would be digressing and I doubt I could change your mind anyway. So I'll leave it at that and answer your question.

1) No, you may not. The Carrier is NOT a Cruiser. It is a Science Ship. A big, fat one. Though it turns like a cruiser (actually even slower than a cruiser), using standard cruiser tactics will get you killed and frustrate you.

Carriers demand different tactics from the player. You'll have a better idea on how to play a carrier (I'm assuming you're thinking more of the Atrox than the Jammie Dread or Recluse), if you visit the Klingon boards for a bit and look up a couple of Vo'quv builds.

Carriers can be awesome support/crowd-control ships, but will mainly rely on their pets for the damage-dealing, throwing in support abilities to harrass and weaken enemies. Note I'm talking about PVP here.

And since most Science abilities have a forward arc, it's best to throw on forward-facing weapons like Dual Beam Banks, Turrets and Dual Cannons. I recommend weapons like Disruptors to maximize the debuffs and increase the damage you can put out in lieu of tac abilities like Rapid Fire or attack pattern beta

Sit pretty just within weapons range and spam spam spam, constantly launching your pets (re-launching even if they're not dead yet so they shoot their torps and abilties instantly). Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, and Tachyon Beams are your friends, and your friends will love you for stripping shields and holding enemies in place like a real mothereffer.

Also, if you've got a lot of Romulan rep, the Tier IV (or V) elite scorpions are BEASTS.

With the right mindset you can have tons of fun in a carrier.

As for your decision, it's up to you. Keep in mind an Escort Carrier is an Escort FIRST. You will never use true carrier tactics with an escort carrier.

The pets are just gravy. For an Armitage Runabouts are good pets because their tractor beams hold an enemy still for your cannon barrage.

2. There is no Fleet Atrox, so if you want a dedicated carrier you're either hitting the store or going for a lobi ship.

The Fleet Armitage has 10% better shields and hull and 10 consoles, but other than that it's basically identical to the standard Armitage. I recommend getting the plain one, since you can also claim it for your alts. If you like it, you'll get the discount for when you upgrade to Fleet for high-end STFs and/or PVP.

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