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02-05-2013, 02:40 AM
I honestly dont care if you think you can defend such an op pos exploit machine. You cant.with a copy paste exploit build the bug can turn circles around any other escorts, rendering said escort defenseless as it is impossible to get your dhcs to bear. On top of this, the speed renders the bug a supertank as 60% of shots miss, even if they decide to toy with you and not just sit behind you with no ability to turn on them.

It is a routine occourence in kerrat for a bug to tank 5 plus enemy ships taking no damage at all, resulting in ships just giving up and the bug free to chase down anyone he choses. Its an escort, not a tank, and the way players have bastardized it is a joke and completely gamebreaking. People that pilot these I win buttons know this and are some sad geeks.