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02-05-2013, 02:00 AM
for the most part, their servers are fine. it's their network infrastructure that's lacking. you can have the best hardware out there, but if you don't have the bandwidth -- you're going no where. the fact of the matter is that they have two major pipelines servicing the entire world. pipeline 1 or the u.s. proxy is serviced by a company called cogent communications. pipeline 2 or the e.u. and subsequent non-us proxy is serviced by a company called internap network services corporation. cogent's traffic is routed through boston, while internap's is routed new york city. with all that's happened with hurricane sandy in these two cities, i can almost guarantee that their networks are not running at 100% capacity.

combine that with the fact that they're using the same servers and bandwidth to host the live (holodeck) servers and the test servers (tribble and red shirt) all the while maintaining a seperate server for voice and in game chat and email communication and you can see the issues presented.

rubberbanding? server not responding? frequent disconnects? has very little to do with their actual servers. it's really on their internet providers and how they've structured their server farm.

it's amazing the amount of information you can find on the interwebs.