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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I dont mean the faction itself, that will almost certainly be free as that is how PW do things. i mean the ships, costumes, hirogen playable race, lock box keys etc.

if you play a romulan, there will be something to buy, or someway to spend money for starbases or whatever. they wont want to hinder that income by having people go through hoops to begin with.
Oh I see. Almost certainly there will be paid Rommie stuff.

Allow me to revise my #3 prediction from above:

Romulans unlock as a playable race of either faction, but with an exclusive set of quests that end in Rommies joining the usual endgame grind alongside either faction. This makes most sense if the player is a New Romulan and not a regular Rommie.

Rommies will have a choice of free romulan-designed ship that may be exclusive to Romulan captains. I predict you will be able to choose from the 3 most common rommie ships (BoP, Mogai, D'deridex). Based on stats and likely performance they will be closest to the Klingon class trinity (BoP/Raptor/Battlecruiser). Feds finally get a battle cloak ship and a BoP-equivalent. The ships may or may not be unlocked for all faction characters via the shipyard or starbase.

Shortly after, Cryptic debuts the Romulan Lockbox with a lockbox ship and lobi ship of original, 25th-century Rommie design. The new ships will have set synergy with the Reman and Romulan Rep equipment sets.

On the C-store, Cryptic debuts a Hirogen race unlock (possible, but also possibly not, since the Hirogen are allied with the "evil" romulans), a classic Romulan BoP replica ship (like the NX or TOS Connie).