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02-05-2013, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
I offer you and any other prospective buyers the opportunity to meet me somewhere in game and see my T5 Fleet Ship, and the fact I am not in a T5 Fleet.

As I already stated, I too was suspicious beforehand. Two things swayed my mind:

1) I was allowed to see the Fleet Status before paying anything, and check that there were enough provisions.

2) During this period I took a look at the leaderboard and saw that the seller had a very high contribution to that fleet, numbering several millions of fleet credits. This told me that they were not some scammer but a person who is devoted to their fleet, and probably gave a good amount of time and resources into getting it to T5.
a couple flaws with your logic.

A.) You state that you want to show them your tier 5 fleet vessel while not being in a tier 5 fleet. Problem is that you could have joined a Tier 5 Fleet of one of your friends, gotten the ship for an unknown sum of money (heck it could have been for free) and then left the fleet of your own accord.

Alternatively, you could have previously been a member in good standing of a fleet with a tier 5 shipyard (one of the first to get them), gotten your tier 5 ship, subsequently left the fleet for an undisclosed reason (any reason will do), and ended up in a random fleet that has not got a tier 5 shipyard.

B.) Just because you weren't scammed by whatever fleet you got your tier 5 fleet ship from, does not mean that someone else won't be scammed by someone else's fleet. Scams happen all the time.

C.) Technically funds given to pay for a fleet ship during such a transaction should not go to an individual member of that fleet, but rather to the fleet bank. As the resources to get the Fleet to Tier 5 belong to the entire fleet... not just one individual. Granted one individual may contribute more to the fleet than another individual. But ultimately it is because of the entire fleet that the fleet was able to get to tier 5, not because of one individual or another. Thus the money made by selling Tier 5 ships should be communal, not individualistic.