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02-05-2013, 04:00 AM
I have decided to not do this, as it seemed really generic and not what i wanted to do in the first place. I have advertised in a few areas, that is good enough. But from some of your previous posts Sumghai, especially the offensive ones, as well as ones threatening to harrass me continualy. I dont find your ideas helpful nor nessisary. Please stop persuing me. My main goal was to entertain people, all my work and money I have spent to create this website, was to entertain people who play this game. Nothing is more rewarding to me then to see someone glowing, a happiness without fear of oppression. That is paradise.

So in this, I will answer who is CatStar. Cat was a toon I created to look none threatening, when I play STO I enjoying helping and teaching people the game. Leveling can be a tedious experience to new comers, but when you have someone there with you, a friendly face to show you the ropes, help you with gear and ideas, offer a possitive atmosphere. the game becomes a more enjoyable experience. I prefer to lighten the mood with jokes and random catpuns. I make myself available to fleet and friend alike, so that when needed, CatStar will be there. I am not incharge, I am not overbearing, im right beside you keeping your phalanx strong. My reward is your success. =^.^=
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