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02-05-2013, 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I see this is your very first post so I assume you're new to these forums.

However I feel compelled to inform you that we're not allowed to post in threads that have been inactive for more than 30 days.
Such threads are considered "dead" and what you did by reposting in it is called "necromancing", or "necroing" for short.
And we're asked by the moderators to leave that to...necromancers and not do it ourselves.
And to not respond to necromancers too ;-) Thread closed.

[Hastily unholstering the [Zombie Control Assault Rifle of Epicosity Mk XIV], he fires a massive blast taking this Zombie thread down!]
This thread was raised from the dead (after no posts for 30 days or more) and it had to be put down.
Please remember to check the dates of threads; and if you find an old thread raised from the dead which violates the PWE Community Rules and Policies just report it and avoid posting in it.
Note that you're more than welcome to start a new thread on the topic (unless there is an existing thread on this topic that has been posted in within 30 days, in which case you can just continue to post in that thread) and if you do so, make sure to submit a bug report first, and then type up the reproduction steps along with the ticket number!