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Originally Posted by helixsunbringer View Post
a couple flaws with your logic.
I could deliver the same message in one sentence that took you four paragraphs to say:

You trust the fleet ship sellers at your own risk.

Now to respond:

In the case of players "yetanotherdesire" and "epsilonia", their fleet does indeed have a Tier 5 shipyard. I've seen it. I've only bought lockbox ships from them, but they have been very happy to sell them without trying to scam me. They are very concerned with maintaining their reputation as legitimate ship sellers; they want everyone who wants a Tier 5 ship to buy access to their shipyard and spread the word so they can get more customers.

They don't need to scam anyone because it costs them nothing to grant access to their shipyard. They also know that scamming is ultimately counterproductive; How would it benefit them to ruin their reputation and lose a valuable long term income source by screwing a couple of players out of 40 million each?

Now obviously some fleets may not have a Tier 5 shipyard and might hit upon the idea of scamming players for some easy money, but their reputation will soon precede them and nobody will do business with them after their first couple of hits.

And you don't have to trust testimonial evidence like mine about legitimate ship sellers. But what are you going to do about every satisfied customer who adds their own review of the service being offered? Testimonial evidence gains reliability when it comes from multiple sources. Would you think that all the satisfied players in this thread are alts of the ship sellers in question? Or are being paid to lie? The business of buying fleet ships from sellers is actually quite safe if you do the research on each seller and find positive or negative reviews of the service.