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02-05-2013, 04:32 AM
I could easily see New Romulus being updated more, Romulans and Remans being an option in the character creator (either as an addition we all get or, much more likely, as new race unlocks in the Z-store), and a Death Knight or Pandaran-like process of leveling a bit to get some background and story relative to New Romulus and its growth before returning to / choosing your faction and continuing along the same episodes that Klingons and Federation players share on to end-game (i.e. being like the KDF, with regards to story, and only having differences in the first episode).

Romulan and Reman ships would become available via the Z-store to both factions for folks who don't have more character slots or who don't want to make a Romulan or Reman. Romulan and Reman characters would get regular ship unlocks via the faction they belonged to if you didn't feel like buying these ships. Maybe you start out with a notable faction-specific ship, though.

A couple of STFs that deal with New Romulus fighting off the Tal Shiar, the empress, and perhaps even Iconian nonsense would be added for end-game.

That would be the easiest way to make a new "faction" and seem, to me anyway, to offer new options via the Z-store that align with how other unlocks have been added to the game.

However if it's a full-blown copy of the KDF (as I highly doubt we'll see either the KDF or anything added for Romulans match fed content) that could be pleasantly surprising and offer additional racial choices in character creation if Romulan allies were included.

In any case, if it's just lockbox stuff and a couple of store items, that would be a little disappointing compared to the hype given via the announcement page and dev/Dstahl comments posted here on the forum. But not wholly surprising.
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