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02-05-2013, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by novathelegend View Post
To be honest, I stay alive better in the Jem HEC than I do in the Dread. This is mostly due to it being faster, so better defense, and more engineering BOFF slots. I really want to love the Dread, but because it is not as tanky as I would like, I dont fly it much at the moment.
And here is why an engineer is better for a Bugnaught. It's huge, it's slow, it can't run away. The extra hangar bay is your compensation for not being a tactical in a HEC.

The BOFF layouts are interesting, because you can make the ships mimic eachother. If you use the Dreadnaught's universal LT for an engineer, and the HEC's universal LT for tactical, the layouts match. Though from the sounds of it, I'd wager you're using the HEC's universal LT for science and using it as an all-around destroyer.