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Originally Posted by helixsunbringer View Post
a couple flaws with your logic.

A.) You state that you want to show them your tier 5 fleet vessel while not being in a tier 5 fleet. Problem is that you could have joined a Tier 5 Fleet of one of your friends, gotten the ship for an unknown sum of money (heck it could have been for free) and then left the fleet of your own accord.

Alternatively, you could have previously been a member in good standing of a fleet with a tier 5 shipyard (one of the first to get them), gotten your tier 5 ship, subsequently left the fleet for an undisclosed reason (any reason will do), and ended up in a random fleet that has not got a tier 5 shipyard.
Well, on the other end of the spectrum, accept an invite to my current fleet and see that I have made large contributions to it. Ask whatever members you find about what date I joined, it would be a point way before T5 ships other than the Ody even existed.

B.) Just because you weren't scammed by whatever fleet you got your tier 5 fleet ship from, does not mean that someone else won't be scammed by someone else's fleet. Scams happen all the time.
Okay, at the risk of getting in trouble for naming things, I purchased my ship from 1st Aquarius Division. I have no reason to be friends, in your sense of the word, with any of its members, and I have never contributed to it (check their leaderboard). Logic says that why the hell would they give me a T5 ship for free.

C.) Technically funds given to pay for a fleet ship during such a transaction should not go to an individual member of that fleet, but rather to the fleet bank. As the resources to get the Fleet to Tier 5 belong to the entire fleet... not just one individual. Granted one individual may contribute more to the fleet than another individual. But ultimately it is because of the entire fleet that the fleet was able to get to tier 5, not because of one individual or another. Thus the money made by selling Tier 5 ships should be communal, not individualistic.
The reason I described the seller's large contribution was because that implied (to me) that the seller would be making full use of the fee to further the fleet projects, and not for personal gain. Since mutliple members of that fleet are advertising, it is clear this is an organized sale, and not some greedy member with promotion rights.

Anyway, I feel I am going too far with this defence, I am not going to blame people for being hesitant, but sometimes you have to find a little trust.