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Originally Posted by xilrada View Post
Additionally, I am to the belief that allowing each player to make a choice and allowing klingon to choose, would be better in the long run.
This is really what i want to see, the ability, at some point, for klingon character players (real KDF players, not alts you play twice a month), to choose if they are at peace with the feds or not. I mean, i don't mind if warmongers are a minority, as long as KDF players and not devs make the call. At some point, i really think players should make some decisions instead of being babisitted by devs with episodes. It's supposed to be a game we can play, not a TV show we can watch, and games where players are completely passive listeners aren't fun at all.

Even in point and click or RPG games, which are the best examples of story telling, you can make basic decisions influencing the rest of your experience. In STO you can't, you have cutscenes, your faction is ruled by NPCs taking all interesting decisions for you, and all you can do is sit and watch the said cutscenes. Who would like to play a brainless dictatorship ruled by NPCs? Because that's what this game is, currently, and IMO this part of the game isn't fun at all.

Of course fed players could have the ability to take the same decision too, but i bet their naivety will lead them to sue for peace at any cost.

Maybe it's my experience as faction leader in another MMO which leads me to say that, but i really think player made decisions are far more compelling than a stupid NPC ruling your game.

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