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02-05-2013, 06:38 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Galors and D'Koras are tough opponents-but...
You have veered off into a different discussion. The conversation was on shield mods, and the apparently amazing shield mod of the JHAS compared to "cruisers" - which meant standard C-store T5 cruisers.

Which is a laughably silly thing to compare them to in the face of Fleet & Lockbox Cruisers.

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
even with their Shield mods, they're still killable...
Are you actually saying the JHAS is unkillable?

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Likewise the Timeships. They're GOOD, but not Jem'Hadar good
The Wells class has a base 15 turn on a Sci ship, 1.45 shield mod and the ability to completely forego any tac boff stations in favor of all out healing/Sci load out.

As usual most people either don't notice or care, it's all tunnel vision on the JHAS.

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
The intent of the statement was "High Shield Multiplier"-sci ships are SUPPOSED to have that.

People are in this very thread complaining about a .99 vs. 1.0 difference in shield mods for the JHAS vs. the Fleet Patrol.

So the Wells, Galor and Recluse Shield mods are part of the conversation as far as I'm concerned.

Fleet Voquv? 1.1 Shield mod.

Recluse Carrier? 1.40 Shield mod.

The funny part? The Recluse carrier basically usurps the place of a healboat Cruiser.

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
as for the rest of the statement, it raises the question of whether winning PvP in THIS game is worth paying for...

I'll give you the chance to set me straight, are you telling me that you use a free RA level up ship exclusively in pvp?

That you do not now, and have never used a C-store ship or console?

That you have not purchased a Fleet ship?

Because if those things are not true, then you are effectively buying into the same system - just in some way you've managed to justify to yourself.

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