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02-05-2013, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by davidthegeek View Post
Short Term:
1. Proper sorting of last column in fleet roster (Last online date, total contributions, etc)

Mid Term:
1. Fleet logo on starbase and in embassy as an option (vs federation logo)
2. Officer mail option (Send mail to all fleet officers)
3. Fleet uniforms on NPCs in fleet starbase (assignable as a random option from the uniform tab?)
All if have to say is YES YES AND YES!!!. Why can't we have our fleet logos on our base? Since these bases and embassies are so expensive, we should have the right to customize them. Our crewmen both on base and on our ships shouldn't look like ate up tools, they should have our uniforms on. Officer mail is a great idea too. As a fleet founder, sometimes I just want to talk to my officers and get their feedback.