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On the first Advanced cruiser build, we have the DPS hybrid. This is pretty much to provide extra dps pressure on targets at any given time, as well as to assist in spam clearing. These all assume Assault Cruiser as the cruiser being used. Excelsiors, Star Cruisers and Oddys will get their own posts eventually.

It sacrifices some maximum healing capability (though with the right DOFFs that's up for debate. I'll cover those soon too), for more damage dealing.
This works best obviously on an Assault Cruiser, but can also work on other cruisers.
EPTW1 (emergency to weapons 1), EPTS2 (emergency power to shields 2), Engineering Team 3, Extend Shields 3/ Aux to structural Integrity 3 (depending on which you'd rather have or can get access to)

Lt Cmdr, EPTW1, EPTS2, Aux To structural Integrity 2/ Extend Shields 2.

LT Tactical, Tactical Team1, Fire At Will 2
Ens. Fire At Will 1
Alternate Loadout. LT Tac, Tactical Team 1, Beam Overload2, Ens. Fire At Will 1

Lt Science, Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield strength 2.

Power Levels. 80 Weapon 70 Shields, 25 Engines 25 Shields as primary. Secondary, 80 Shields, 70 Weapons, 25 Engine, 25 Aux. Tertiary. 25 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 Engine, 80 Aux. 4th Power setting, 80 Weapons, 25 Shields, 70 Engines, 25 Aux. (this is your run like a screaming girl/ chase setup)

Weapon loadout, 8 Beam Arrays/ 6 Beam Arrays and 2 Dual Beam Arrays. There's two theories on this The First assumes you are going to be broad siding all the time to sustain DPS. This however also incurs a much larger power drain, so it's highly recommended that you run an EPS Console, or be prepared to eat more weapon batteries during spike damage periods. 8 Beams is best for a double FAW loadout, as it maximises your firing arc for your discoball. (aka death blossom, aka FAW Spam)

The Second theory utilises 6 Beams for still potent broad side, (2 fore, 4 aft) and maintaining decent aft DPS. The reason the dual beams are there up front is it mitigates power drain substantially on broadsides (which means EPS console isn't as necessary here), while providing much stronger fore fire. It also gives you a much better Beam Overload 2 strike, for Alpha strikes, with your Escorts. The Second Theory, is more Tac Dependent, as APA, and Go Down Fighting are fantastic damage adders. You'll often down a facing, which allows for an immediate opening in enemy defenses. While you aren't going to be providing as much sustained damage, invariably your spike dps will be much stronger. Do keep this in mind. I wouldn't use the second theory on a non tac, as your crit chances are substantially lower, as is your actual crit damage, and baseline numbers. You also won't have the turn rate that the tac has to really get the miles out of the DBBs.

Preferred Weapons for these two loadouts. Tetryon (if you spec into Flow capacitors), preferrably Polarized Tetryon arrays for the Beams. And some ACC x2 CrtH DBBs. Anti Proton, for ridiculous crit potential (get as much CrtD and CrtH as possible), and of course Phasers... because that proc is still ridiculously overpowered.

Devices, Aux batteries will be much more intensively used here to supplement your healing. This is a good ship for a 3 sci ship team, since there will inevitably be alot of aux based healing going around. Engineers, also use your EPS power transfer for yourself when you know the enemy is about to really ramp up their damage. Subspace Field Mod... this thing's just too good to pass up. Deuterium Batteries, Shield Batteries.

The second setup is abit more control oriented. This allows your team to have more crowd control at their disposal. While it also is a damage hybrid.
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Eject Warp Plasma 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTW1, Eng Team 2, Extend Shields 2 Alternate Loadout (this is dependent on Doffs which I will cover in the next post as to why it is) EPTW1, ASIF1, Extend Shields 2

Lt Tac. Tac Team. Fire At Will 2 Ens. Target Engines 1. Alternate, Tac Team, BO2, Target Engines 1

LT Sci. Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield strength 2. Alternate Sci Team 1, Transfer Shields 2

Weapons loadout. Same as above.
Weapons types. Same as above. With Phasers being moved to the top, Tetryon Second and AP third.

Devices same as above.
Power settings, same as above. With the added caveat that the engine power bias setup, allows for more rapid delivery of warp plasma.

This setup allows for a substantial amount of zone control being added to the battle field with a minimal loss in healing potential especially as right now it seems warp plasma stays on the battlefield even if the user of it dies. It clears spam very easily, and when correctly used lowers the defense scores of multiple targets on the battlefield as well as inflicts a fairly strong damage over time on your targets (especially if it's a tac dumping it out with full buffs up) This setup fits in well with 2 to 3 other sci ships. More the 2 sci ship team (assuming the other 2 are Escorts) It's also very irritating for klinks, as the warp plas disables cloaks while the DOT is up.