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# 534 Heal Controller. Old AC
02-05-2013, 07:33 AM
How I feel while rolling a pure heal bot

So during my drunken flying I came up with a brilliant controller healer... cause we all know I don't like just facerollin that keyboard sober.
Cmdr, Warp Plasma 3, Extend Shields 2, EPTS2, EPTS1
Lt Cmdr, Emergency Power to Aux1, Aux to structural 1, ET3 Alt EPTA1, RSP, ET3

Lt, FAW1, Attack Pattern Delta1
Ens. Tac Team

Transfer shields 1, Hazard2

Shields, Borg shield, or Maco Elite Fleet Shield Resilient.
Deflector, Omega
Engine Omega.

Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, RCS or Neutronium, Ablative Armor
Sci, Borg, and Field Generator
Tac. 3 Energy consoles.

DOFFs. 3 Maint engineers (purple ideally of course... 2 blues and a green works as well), the Warp Plasma Doff, and a brace for impact shield distribution doff. Changed the shield distribution doff for the Warp Core engineer that gives a 20 percent change to get +20 power to all subsystems with each hit of Emergency Power. As I have 3 Emergency systems I've got a 60 percent chance of getting free extra power. which when it procs when EPS power transfer up, almost maxes out all of my subystems.

Power settings 100 weapons, 50 shields. 25, 25.

Heal bot with warp plas, and high weapon power. It's fairly flexible, and stable. So far it seems pretty straight forward. And much more entertaining to play than my old heal bot build was Ideal team would probably be 2 Recons, and a nebula. As it's missing a heal spot, you need a fairly solid team I would think. Could probably also work it with 2 Intrepids, and 2 Escorts as well