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Originally Posted by hravik View Post
I'm not sure I follow your logic here...the reason the J isn't and will not be in game isn't CBS. dStahl already told us the reason, and the reason is because the ship is friggin massive. Seriously, that ship is bigger than earth space dock.
I think theres a better reason for that, one that the powers that be probably won't admit.....(bear in mind, I know this is going to make people upset).....

The Enterprise-J is kinda stupid. If its from the future it would technically be "god-mode" in the game. Theres already enough incredible magic-tech in trek. On paper it might sound cool, but in a dramatic series I don't see it being very interesting.

Granted, this is my personal opinion, but I am sick to death of trek time travel. If I could go back in time I'd erase any reference of the temporal cold war in Trek was the dumbest part of Enterprise ever concieved.

(sorry Enterprise-J fans, but I really have a deep hatred for the very idea of that ship)