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This is a build for Engies, who want to run high aux and no guns. The dot from plasma, when loaded up onto a ship is actually pretty substantial. The Neghvar is agile enough to run this without compromising firing arcs too badly. It does good solid pressure damage (enough so that people -will- be forced to use hazards prematurely well before their shields can collapse in some cases.

This ship is surprisingly easy to learn, and master, while remaining useful on the battlefield. Due to the speed and agility of the Negvhar it can pull off 90 degree bombardments rather easily, which is a great Asset especially on the battlefield that has BOPs and other decloak alpha ships present. It's also pretty effective at spam clearing thanks to the AOEs of Torp spread, and Warp Plasma. (which is also great for catching entire teams) The Chron mines out back can keep people slow, and the double plasma mines keep more burn on the field at all times.

This build also works for Tacs as well, as the Negvar becomes more agile... but loses durability. So keep that in mind. Also you will have to sack something abit to get Attack Patterns ranked up if you use this with a Tac.
The Spec:
Tac variant I would pull the some of Aux performance out for Attack Patterns.

Weapon Systems AccX2 CrtD Plasma Torps, 3 to 4 Forward, 2 Chroniton mine launchers, and 2 plasma mine launchers. Set it all to AutoFire.

Deflector : Borg
Engine : borg
Shield: KHG, Omega, Res Cap 2 MK XII, or Res Cap 3 Mk X if you still have one.

Doffs: 2 Purple Torpedo Officers, 2 purple Maint Engineers. 1 Purple Warp Core engineer. Alternate: 2 Purple Torpedo Officers, 2 Purple Shield Distribution Officers, 1 purple maint doff
Cmdr: Eject Warp Plasma 3, ASIF2, RSP1, EPTS1
Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, Extend Shields 1, ET3
Lt Sci: Hazards 1, Transfer shield strength 2
Lt Tac, Torp spread 1 and 2, Alternate: Tac Team Torp spread 2
Ens Eng. EPTA (emergency to aux 1)

Consoles: 2 SIF Generators, 2 RCS consoles
1 Field Generator, 1 Emitter Array or 2 Field Generators (when you don't have shield dist doffs on)
2 Ambi Plasma Envelopes.

Power settings. 75 Shields, 50 Engines, 75 Aux.