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# 539 Heal and CC Oddy
02-05-2013, 07:41 AM
I've seen way too many Failboats out there flying Oddys... so yeah. Post incoming this weekend...probably, barring any catastrophes.

First off, the Sci Oddy is hands down the best one. Use it if you have the choice between them all and ditch the rest. Yes Sensor An. is really that good with 8 beams.
Public Service Announcement Tac Captains put down the Oddy... go get an Excelsior, or AC... the Oddy is too fat and too slow for you. Here's the spec.

Secondly, the Oddy is in my opinion an Engineer's or sci's ship. It's too fat and slow even with aux to ID going for anything else. FAAAT is the operating phrase with this ship. For several reasons, one it has a really poor turn rate, and Inertia score. Secondly, the model of the ship itself is HUGE. It dwarfs the Assault Cruiser, and nearly every other cruiser in terms of size, which changes the physical distance required for it to make a turn, without factoring in it's Inertia. (hooray for cryptic not thinking things through right?)
The first thing we should discuss is which Oddy is right for you? The answer is of course the Science Cruiser. No other ship has Sen An and 4 sci console slots. This makes it by far hands down the best Oddy in the game.
Now let's talk turn rate. It's garbage. Don't bother using any powers that involve moving your ship, because it's just setting yourself and your team mates for an epic fail. Warp Plasma is a No No on this ship. DO NOT USE IT. We'll get to the Controller variant later. And it doesn't use Plas. Or Gravity Well. Or Tykens.... because you need to be able to Turn to use them.
Infact the slower your ship the worse of an idea facing related, or movement related abilities are.
So what do you use?
Here's a staple healer Oddy.

Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Extend Shields 3
Alternate: EPTS1 EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend 3
Lt Cmdr, Sci. Transfer Shield Strength1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3.
Alternate heal, TSS1, Sci Team 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3.

LT Tac, Tac Team (when pugging if your team seems competent switch out tac team for target engine 1), FAW2.

Ens Uni. Sci Polarize Hull. Tac uni, FAW1, and change the Lt tac slot to Attack Pattern Delta. Engi, Emergency power to Auxiliary 1. (I actually really like this one)

Shields, Maco or Borg.
Engine, Borg or Omega
Deflector, Borg or Omega.

Doffs, 2 blue (or even better purple!) Maintaince Engineers, Warp Core engi, 2 shield distribution officers of blue quality.

Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, 2 Armors, I prefer Ablative and Neutronium combo
Sci, Shield emitters consoles. 3 and a field generator.

Power levels, 100 to guns, 50 to shields, 25 engine, 25 aux.
Throw the crack on yourself (EPS power transfer) and use EPTA1 and you'll have almost max power across the board.

Controller Oddy.

EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Extend Shields 3

Lt Cmdr uni Sci.
Transfer Shield Strength1, Hazard Emitters2, TBR1, FBP2 or VM1 or shockwave.

Ens uni. Emergency power to Aux1.

Lt Tac, Tac Team, Faw2.
Shields, Borg,
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, 2 Armors.
Field Generator, Borg, and Particle generator consoles.
Power levels, same as above for Engineer. Sci captains, 75 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engine, 75 aux.