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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
First of all sorry, I'm gonna snap the quotes because if I leave them the post will be from here to Mt.Everest.

??? *facepalm*

1. When I walked in, the door was open and there was a KDF faction.
2. The shows were about the Federation's perception of things, but that is by no means a valid argument for making a MMO one-centered. Every half-decent MMO has at least two factions. What you're saying is allowing the devs. to get lazy on us by bothering themselves with only one faction.
3. The shows had financial restrictions and tight budget many times. That's one of the reasons most of the crewmembers we see are human. That's also the reason that most of the alien species are humanoid. It was the sixties. Surely you don't think that from all the worlds of the Federation humans are most numerous and only they serve Starfleet. By the logic of what you mentioned, we should restrict the numbers of players that can use Andorian, Vulcan or Caitian in STO because especially these 3 races in game have around the same population of players with human, and in no ST show have we ever seen a fully alien bridge that has no human serving on it.
4. I don't dream of "Klingons:Online", nor does any of the Klingon fans I had the opportunity to speak with on these forums. We just wish we had a proper faction, nothing more, nothing less.
5. Sooo, Federation captains can break the "prime directive" whenever they feel it's right, but the Klingon Empire can't adapt and join forces with warlike species that share their discontent with the Federation? With the rate the Federation is expanding, the Klingon Empire had to adapt or be ovverrun. Honestly, people should really stop seeing the Klingons like mindless brutes that don't know anything but holding a bathleth. There is much more to their culture.

6. Klingons were once fast friends with the Romulans. Now they just want to kill each other even faster. The relations between the Fed. and KDF have always been hot/cold, so why is it weird if now it's cold and they are at conflict once more?
7. Noone is asking for more KDF species, we're asking for more genuine content that is not a Fed. digest.
8. True Way in KDF = you should know by now that some people in the forums just need to be ignored.
9. Why you go on insulting the Ferasan? They are actually Kzinti, a race that is Star Trek cannon, but do not have their name because Cryptic couldn't handle buying the copyrights to call them what they are. They don't deserve this namecalling due to your lack of information on the subject.
10. Orions are not "servant" race to the KDF. They are allied now. The Orions were looking for a new homeworld and a new allience to protect their assets from the Federation. They approached the Breen and the Klingon Epire. I guess J'mpok is a better negotiator than the Breen. They are not slaves, they are allies.
11. The Nausicaans were an advanced spacefaring race more than 1000 years ago, back when humanity was still in diapers. They were struck by a genetic virus that destroyed their civilization and the sole survivors were prisoners and criminals that were used as guinea pigs to test different cures for the disease. That's how most of them ended as pirates. Who's to say that there is no Nausicaan that has a sence of honor? Be objective, if mankind managed to create an utopia of Earth in a 1000 years, why wouldn't at least couple of Nausicaans develop sense of honor, especially now living amongst Klingons?
12. I'm giving you just one example, you can look up for the rest - Jadzia Dax was serving as a senior officer on a Klingon Bird of Prey.
13. Just how does an emotional Vulcan pass in the Federation because of it's structure? I don't get it.
14. I have a Klingon captain with only Klingon bridge crew. Nothing restricts me from doing this. Same goes for you if you don't like other than Klingon Boffs. But to say that it is not possible for Klingons to ally with anybody is a nonsence. What were they doing in DS9 with the Dominion threat? Weren't there Romulans as well, their arch enemy?

And now, feeling a bit exausted I'm going to bed. Thank you and good night!
A valid argument indeed, I just wish people could see that Cryptic have made mistake after mistake, lied and cheated their way into popularity and nobody feels the need to hold them to account for their actions. Its almost false advertising and fraud really...