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# 547 Heal Bot Nebula.
02-05-2013, 07:51 AM
This ship is built around being a good Break In ship for guys used to flying Cruisers. It's very user friendly for engineer captains, or sci captains who are used to the cruiser experience. Which makes the nebula a very good choice for those players. It can also be built a great deal more aggressively but I will cover those builds in a subsequent post.

The Spec:

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield: Maco

Weapons. I recommend either 3 photon torps, or 2 Chroniton, or 2 plasma torps. Depending on the doffs you want to go with. preferably Acc CrtHX2s in any case.

Aft: 2 Chroniton Mine launchers, 1 beam array energy type anything but plasma or antiproton.

Power Levels: /25 weapons /75 shields /25 engine /75 aux.

The Skills: Cmdr Sci. Grav well 3/PSW3, Sci Team 3, Transfer Shield Strength2, Hazard 1
Lt Cmdr: ASIF2, EPTS2, EPTS1
Lt Tac: Tac Team, Attack Pattern Delta1
Ens Sci: Tractor Beam
Lt Universal: EPTA1 (emergency power to aux 1), Extend Shields 1. Alternate: Sci, Tractor Beam1, Transfer Shield strength2

Engineering: 2 SIF Generators, Neutronium Armor
Science: 2 Field Generators, 2 Graviton Generators, or 2 Emitter Array Consoles. (boosts your shield healing by ridiculous levels)
Tactical: Borg, and Torp Console of your choice.

Doffs: There are a couple of different doff layouts for this thing. 2 Purple Dev Lab scientists go in all of them to get ST3 into it's global. (can also use 2 greens and a blue for this, or 2 blues to get you started if you want 3 other doff slots) Next up, is the aftershock GW doff if you decide to use grav well 3. After that 2 Shield Distribution officers (as good as you can get)

Doff #2. 2 Purple Dev lab scientists, 1 shield distribution doff, 2 Purple Torpedo Doffs.
Doffy 3 2 purple dev labs, 3 purple torpedo officers.