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My fleet mates and I decided to recon the Hive ground STF on normal to gather information. I was the only one with full MK XII HG set and anti-Borg gear and all accolades except for hive missions. We did ok until the Queen. We got her and had little real trouble dealing high damage, but this was only on normal to check the map and hazards.

The end goal is to put together a standard tactic for completing the space and ground Elite Hive STFs with the optional. So far I haven't seen any "walkthroughs" for these missions in the usual threads, but I have seen characters with tier 5 3rd costume unlocks, so I know at least some have completed both missions with the optional.

Please share your experience with these two missions here if you would. Please limit discussion to the above mentioned Elite STFs only. Lets see if we can get enough facts together to make a guide.
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