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# 551 Sci X Wing Bop.
02-05-2013, 07:54 AM

Weapons: Polaron Dual Heavy CannonsX 4 Acc, CrthX2 1 Polaron Turret Acc CrtHX2, 1 Cloaking Tractor Mine Launcher/1 Tric Mine Launcher.

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield, Fleet Resilient Shields, or MK12 Cap2 Resilient.

Consoles: 1 Borg, 1 Iso charge, 1 Leech.
1 Aceton Assim, 2 Field Generators.
3 Energy Consoles.

Devices: Engine Batteries, Aux Batteries.

Cmdr: Viral Matrix 3, Tykens Rift 2, TSS2, Polarize Hull1
Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, RSP1, Warp Plasma1
Lt Cmdr: Tractor Beam1, Hazard 2, Photonic Shockwave1
Lt, TT, and APD1

Power Settings: 100 to Weapons, 25 shields, 25 engine, 50 aux. Attack 2, 75 weapons, 25 shields, 25 engine, 75 aux. Run Away. 25 weapons, 75 shields, 75 engines, 25 aux.

Doffs: 2 Systems Engineers, 1 Gravitmetric Scientist, 2 Shield Distribution Officers.

The X Wing is like all other bops a hit and run vessel, unlike the others which to some extent you can force into a tac captain, in my opinion the X Wing is only capable of being truly utilized by a Sci Captain. The purpose of this ship is to throw as many sci powers and CC down range as physically possible in a short amount of time. It's basically a Science Alpha Strike with battle cloak.

It is also capable of throwing heals to someone in dire need of them to relieve pressure on your friendly Negvar, Recluse or Flight Deck Cruiser since frankly the bop should either have killed, or maimed it's target, or left. Leaving heals unused in the process. Remember RSP is not there to help you sustain a fire fight. It's there to give you a cushion during your Getaway. And you need to getaway fast in this ship if the attack fails.