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# 552 Tac Orbweaver and Sci Orb.
02-05-2013, 07:55 AM

The OrbWeaver like all sci ships, for tac captains has lost abit of it's luster. (due to the nerf of PSW3) It does however have the option to mount Overloads and TBR3. Giving it some bite, that it needs fairly direly. This is basically on the other end of a TacXcelsior setup, where you set the ship up to do damage in waves and in concert with stuff like TBR3.

There is another orb setup that I'll cover later for tacs that is considerably more expensive to build. Consider this the cheapbook version.

Weapons: 3 DBBs, 3 Turrets. Acc2 CrtH. Turrets, CrthX2 Acc. Disruptors.

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Omega
Shield: Omega

Consoles: 2 Ablative Armor, 1 Borg
2 Field Generators, 2 Particle Generators
3 Energy Consoles.

Cmdr: TBR3, FBP2, TSS2, TSS1
Lt Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, EPTS2 EWP1
Lt Cmdr Uni: TT, BO2, BO3. (note due to the use of alot of non tac damaging abilities you can also swap this out for an APO, especially in danube infested matches)
Ens Tac TT
Ens Sci Polarize Hull1

Power settings: 100 to guns, 50 to shields, 25, 25. Secondary, 75 Weapons, 25, shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux.
Defensive #1, 25 weapons 75 shields, 25 engine, 75 aux.

Doffs: Tractor beam officer (TBR doff it lowers engine power of the targets getting nailed by TBR), 2 Shield Distribution officers, 2 Conn officers (Evasive Maneuvers)

It's a decent Crank Monster, with the Best Hits of a cruiser, sci ship, and higher spike potential than the average of both.

Sci Orb

This Orbweaver is built just for sci captains.

Weapons: 1 Chroniton Torpedo Launcher, Acc2, CrtH, 2 Tholian Torpedoes, 1 Cloaking Tractor Mine, 2 aft Beam Arrays. Polaron. acc2, crth

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield Maco.

Consoles: 1 Ablative Armor. 1 Borg Console. 1 Isometric Charge,
2 Field Generators, 2 Graviton Generators.
3 Warhead chambers.

Cmdr: TBR3, FBP2, TSS2, HE1
Lt Cmdr. TT, Torp Spread2, APO1 Alternate: Tractor Beam1, Sci Team2, Sci team 3
Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, EPTS2, Warp Plas1
ENs Tac. TT
Ens Sci; Polarize Hull1

Alternate: Tykens Rift3, Viral Matrix 1, TSS2, Polarize Hull1
TT, Torp Spread2, Torp Spread3
Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, EPTS2, Warp Plas1
Ens TT
Ens Sci, Hazard1

Power Settings: 25 weapons, 75 shields, 25 engine, 75 Aux. Secondary, 25 weapons, 25 shields, 75 Engines, 75 Aux.

Doffs: 2 Shield Distribution Officers, 1 Gravimetric Scientist (for Tykens), 2 Systems Engineers.
(If no Tykens) 2 SDOs, 1 Tractor Beam Officer, 2 Torpedo Officers.

This ship is a flying debuff platform.[