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02-05-2013, 08:44 AM
AT LAST! Sorry for bleating that out, but i started STO about 5 days ago and im finding the game so much fun! But im also finding it so so hard to find a guide on what i should be focusing on (all guides are old and outdated!).

Anyway aside from that, I read a bit about the foundry and thought... what a great idea, an idea which could potentially be a fantastic way to keep players playing, or even build a future MMO which is solely based on what the community designs, they just provide the tools! Anyway, firstly thank you for this list ill take a look.

Secondly, newbie question incoming, do these missions have level requirements or do they scale, as presently im level 9 about to get my new ship as far as i can tell!

Thanks for your time in reading this.