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02-05-2013, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
So again, the mighty Cryptic fanbois think its alright to condone fraud.
So already we resort to ad hominid attacks. Because if anyone disagrees with you they're a fanboi, and can be disregarded. Every post you make is filled with various amounts of bile for Cryptic, it's clear you are one of the haters and come here and make these posts to take shots at Cryptic and STO.

Also as others have pointed out, accusing someone of Fraud is something that you can be sued over.

Honestly, I give up trying to get common sense out of people these days.
Yes because clearly only you are capable of such a thing... I'd say you're one of those people who think you know how the law works. But I'm pretty sure you don't actually care, you just wanted to post more venom aimed at this game.

Something on the description of the ship itself saying "this project is subject to change" but I guess you would argue you don't have to even do that.
Everything in the game is subject to change, that is clearly laid out in more then one place. I'm not sure what part of everything you don't get.