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02-05-2013, 09:54 AM
We need a lot more gear meant for combat. It seems that Starfleet is doing a lot more fighting than in most episodes of the series, so let us reflect that in our uniforms.

The armor designs in the game are terrible (not including the M.A.C.O./Omega/Honor Guard armor sets, just the normal loot armors), and we need something that looks like it is meant for heavy fighting (holsters for phaser pistols, slings for rifles, grenade belts, etc.). We also need armor that doesn't look like it is skin tight and attached to our bodies. We need helmets, armored vests like the Omega one, armored plating on the legs, armored bracers and boots, and so many other things that could make your crew look like Starfleet Marines.

If you need some inspiration, just look at the gear worn by the Colonial Marines in Aliens, they are geared up enough to take out anything.

Weapons alone don't win wars with the Borg, soldiers do, and sometimes we need to ditch the dress uniforms to look ready for that job.