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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Define "half-decent".
Everquest, Everquest 2, World of ********, Star Wars: The Old Republic. They all have multiple factions. EQ has three.

Dungeons & Dragons Online
DDO has good characters. And evil. Their alignment system, which is the grand daddy of factions, has multiple paths, so DDO does have a second faction. Unlock your dark elf, and run with it.

City of Heroes really only had one faction, with a seperate related game that later merged with it.
There was nothing "Later" about it. From the moment COV launched, you could fight heroes in PVP. Two factions, one game. And then ... and THEN ... COX went ROGUE!

Even WoW ends up with shared content after a certain level.
A lot of KDF players are fine with shared content at the end-game which has been in place since season 1. The Borg STFs really do require teaming up. It's the BORG for crying out loud. It's just the fact that so much is simply Fed made missions that the KDF can play (the anniversary mission is a good example). And really what the KDF has been asking for since day 1 is to fill out 1 to 50. So that when the KDF gets to the end-game and starts sharing goals with the other faction(s) ... Cause you know they've teased a third faction for almost three years too ... that they had a normal second faction levelling experience to get there in the first place.

They want their faction completed.

And anyone who wants to play a Romulan in this game should support that idea, else the Romulans get the same lackadasical half-done treatment the Klingons got.

It doesn't make much sense for a company to double their workload by limiting content to half their player base.
In the 36 months this game has been live if they had just added one small mission per month, or tweaked/changed a Fed mission to have a KDF equivalent, their work on the KDF would be complete. 36 more missions to fill in the blanks. That would have been enough to fill in the gaps. And this entire debate would have been dead.