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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Actually, Klingon fans tend to be a more dedicated minority. The majority of any fan base is more casual, and casual Star Trek fans don't care about the Klingons since the entire main franchise has been about the Federation.
Small or not, the point is the Klingon have been vibrant and active as a fanbase that grew out of the IP.
Besides the feds what other fanbase from the IP has done as much growth, had as much public awareness out there or just plain done as much as reprisenetive as the Klingon fanbase?
Where are the Romulan charities? The Cardassian productions of Skaekespear? The andorians used TV commercials and the like?

So as fans, even if small, who else has brought such notice and publicity back to the IP?

Hells doughnuts man, most do not even know how the first Klingon fans came to be back in the first days of Star Trek going public.

We may be small but we are vibrant. Its a shame that Cryptic has not finished the MMO faction that has been the "frenemy" since the oldest days of the IP.
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