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02-05-2013, 10:00 AM
The whole 'Red Alert' system (Borg and Tholian) suffers from the situation of logging into an empty/completed instance EVEN WHEN the button first appears in your space map instance and you click it immediately.

It did that with the Borg Red Alerts since its introduction in Season 4 - and I think because there's only one sector block that sees Tholian Red Alerts -- the issue is more prevailent with regard to them.

What I really don't get - is how they have a system that will auto start a fresh instance for any team (the Public Queue content, be it STFs, etc.) that's fully populated on the fly -- yet with their Red Alert mechanic it honestly seems to misfire more often then not -- and it's been in this state for over a full year, with no real resolution. Is it really that hard to fix, or is it so low priority on the content pole that Cryptic sees no value to making a mechanic that player do really want to use (and are frustrated when the button pops and deposits into an empty/completed instance); Is there really no way to set a system that spawns a fresh instance as needed; or flags/locks out a finished empty instance so the map transfer routine DOESN'T continue to zone new player into it?
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