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I remember once my friends were telling me I knew nothing about Star Trek, because a comet could not destroy the E-D with it's shields up (or down!) but if this is correct

and since photon torpedo's contain 1 kg of matter annihilated with a 1 kg of matter, and at least several photon torpedo's can take down and destroy the enterprise (though, we don't know how many) and say in Hale Bopp had hit us, instead of Jupiter, it would have impacted with 44 times the energy of the dino-killer asteroid. Yes, assuming they wouldn't just destroy it with their weapons. I'm talking about it actually hitting the ship with the shields up

I think something is wrong here though, according to wiki (yeah, I know it's wiki) also 1kg of anti matter is much greater than hale bopp-

But, obviously hale bopp would hit with a lot more energy than the Tsar Bomb, if the Tsar Bomb did explode with that much energy it would be much greater than the dino asteroid and we wouldn't be here right now. Not a physics expect either, just it lists Tsar as a greater yield which it can't be.
1.) Hale-Bopp has been estimated to have an impact energy of about 4.4*10^9 megatons TNT equivalent. That's over 77 million times the power of Tsar Bomba.

2.) 1 kg antimatter undergoing total mass-energy conversion with 1kg matter yields 1.8*10^17 Joules of energy, or about 43 megatons TNT equivalent, about 14 megatons shy of the Tsar Bomba.