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The Unimatrix Command ship is around 12,000 metres compared with a 3,000 metre Tac Cube.
V'Ger is 78.000 metres long.
The command ships look like the front half of V'Ger and mirrored.

A V'Ger system in the Gamma Orionis sector Block would be great, with the 'planet' at the centre been the ship, and the 'system' been the purple cloud.
Cryptic can make some really pretty backgrounds like fluidic space.

As for the Enterprise J, it has a length of what 2000 metres, the Atrox is about 1600 metres. Hell the Tarantula Class is larger than the J at 2070 metres.
Actually.... Drexler said: "Two miles sounds about right to me"

this would be more like 3.2km.

I can haz joystick!
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