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02-05-2013, 10:30 AM
Honestly (IMO) I think the OP should give up and find another MMO that he would like to play as from his overall posting history he just dose't like STO or the development team behind it.

IMO - Problem is, I don't think there is an MMO development team that would be able to do STO in a manner he would enjoy - SOE has sucked as an MMO developer from day one (Even n the heyday of EQ; the playerbase attitude was EQ was successful in spite of SOE, not because of it); Blizzard would have zero interest. EA/BioWare took the Star Wars IP and made a bad WoW clone with space combat on rails; NCSoft doesn't want to back/use Western developers beyond porting/translating Korean MMOs -- and the original holder of the STO IP was given 4 years by CBS to create something at at the end of that 4 year period, had a few concept screenshots (all made with photoshop); some hi rez interior model renders done with off the shelf 3D software (that they admitted could be used for an MMO and wouldn't render like the model on your average end user PC) -- and it's why Cryptic took the license, and CBS set a hard launch date (since they didn't want a repeat of the Perpetual situation.)

It's okay to move on from an MMO you don't like (even if you like the IP source material); and find something yo0u enjoy playing in your spare time.

I's say atm - CBS is very happy with the situation as:

- The game continues to attract players to return (as evidenced by the large login queues from 1/31/13 that lasted into the weekend ant peak times.

- CBS has a game that keeps the original version IP alive in some fashion, and helps them promote teh Blu-Ray remaster release of TNG, the release of Enterprise on native Blu-Ray, and alsoo allows them to make cash from Paramount in cross prompoting the new Star Trek film series.

Cryptic is also happy as:

- The game (by Cryptic's own public estimate) cost about $20-$25 million to make; and I think it's at the point where they've recouped those initial costs, and the game is now paying for itself and generating a decent profit.

- They survived a sell of buy Atari and got a large developer/publisher to better support the game in terms of server capacity and staffing levels -- and PWE seems happy too as STO is often their top Western MMO (unless you believe someone's lying.)

So, sorry, but I don't see PWE closing/selling off Cryptic, or CBS ending what to date for them has been a profitable, and generally well received venture; to instead sell the IP to another developer (with all the extra cost, legal and otherwise that entail's) somehow hoping for an even more profitable result.

Remember, in the end, Star Trek really ISN'T a philosophy (as much as some might like to believe) -- it's entertainment, and a business (and one GR made a very good living off of and if you read about the man -- and not the myth surrounding him -- it was all about the business. He was angry about the fact that he SOLD TOS 100% lock stock and barrel to Paramount at the end of its run, as he never thought it would do well in syndication; and Paramount took it, marketed it, and managed to find an audience willing to spend a lot of money on it. That's why, when they asked GR to be involved in TNG, he tried to make TNG as different in tone as possible to TOS, as he didn't consider TOS his as he could gt a cut from what Paramount had done with it alone.)

As long as it's profitable in it's current form; and/or CBS continues to see the value in it as a marketing tool for future Star Trek related media ventures; they'll happily keep STO going with Cryptic at the helm.
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