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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
Here is a Trek question: If someone from our time was teleported into the time of TNG would they not use the holodeck for anything other than.. (rhymes with Gorn)
There are a few reasons why they wouldn't. Most of these can be found in a lovely Blue Stripe article from Somethingawful, but I'll summarize here:

1) Holodecks require regular maintenance and cleaning. That maintenance is administered by someone you need to look in the eye later.

2) Things you leave in the holodeck, like...effluvia...don't disappear and can screw with the holo emitters.

3) For safety and to aid maintenance personnel, what you do in the holodeck is recorded in the form of an isolated video log. This only shows you and what you're doing in an otherwise empty holodeck. This is usually hilarious.

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