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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
You'll have plenty of honor fighting against the Iconians. But your best chance for success against those honorless petaQs is if you join forces with the Feds. We won the Dominion War together, didn't we?

"Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat".
Problem being, the Federation's still compromised by the Iconian's puppets-aka the Undine. (I know, there's ostensibly some magazine story somewhere that resolves that-but I don't have the magazine, and there's nothing in the Undine mission set that, frankly, works to explain that the Feds are NOT still under the sway of the Undine)

-in fact, the last mission where we see the Iconian gateway would lead a direct conclusion that the Undine are working WITH the Iconians to compromise the Alpha Quadrant. Allying with a puppet of the enemy is one of the fastest ways to lose a war known to exist-you can't plan or keep secrets under those conditions, and the enemy can both know your intentions, and 'guide' your actions to a defeat...

This makes the FEds the indirect puppets of the enemy, hence not someone you ally with when fighting said enemy.
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