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02-05-2013, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by fedman70 View Post
I remember once my friends were telling me I knew nothing about Star Trek, because a comet could not destroy the E-D with it's shields up (or down!)...
I think your friends were hung up on the ship's Navigational Deflector, the big dish up front, which has a main function other than just being the socket that says "plug in technobabble solution here" overhead. It pushes space debris out of the path of the ship so you don't have Yuri Gagarin's toothbrush ripping a hole through the saucer before you can even break orbit.

Probably wouldn't function on that scale, though. Case in point, "Booby Trap", where they go through quite a lot of trouble not to hit a bunch of relatively slow-moving asteroids. If they're worried about those, they're not going head on with a comet. And definately not by accident. (Honestly admiral, that massive object on a fixed trajectory snuck up on us and threw itself in our path! Now can I have a new ship? I'm thinking sleek with a visible warptrail. And seatbelts.)