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My fleet mates and I decided to recon the Hive ground STF on normal to gather information. I was the only one with full MK XII HG set and anti-Borg gear and all accolades except for hive missions. We did ok until the Queen. We got her and had little real trouble dealing high damage, but this was only on normal to check the map and hazards.

The end goal is to put together a standard tactic for completing the space and ground Elite Hive STFs with the optional. So far I haven't seen any "walkthroughs" for these missions in the usual threads, but I have seen characters with tier 5 3rd costume unlocks, so I know at least some have completed both missions with the optional.

Please share your experience with these two missions here if you would. Please limit discussion to the above mentioned Elite STFs only. Lets see if we can get enough facts together to make a guide.
Hive Space: Don't run this mission without a Sci (or Two!). You need the de-buffing and healing in the "Elite" form of this mission.

Phase 1
In the first stage, group should concentrate fire one-target-at-a-time to limit aggro. The cubes WILL group-fire, and will spawn-camp if they get the opportunity, and they use sci debuffs and buffs.

Phase 2-Unimatrix ships

Uni ships use various science and engineering buffs here, and do fire in support of each other with those big Lance weapons. Expect to see RSP and Feedback Pulse, and in one instance I've even had one hit me with SNB. AOE weapons work fine here, and for engies, EWP is your friend when dealing with Probespawn.

Phase 3-the D8 of Dhoom

The Queen uses buffs and debuffs-lots of them. she also uses Torp spreads and Viral Matrix. SNB helps here, EWP helps SOME (she'll use Hazards-and they work better than yours). The queen will also pursue a wounded target. Power drains, SNB, subsystem targeting attacks, AOE attacks that work at range, and pets-carriers are your bestest pals in this level for sustaining damage against her. She's got an Assimilator's radiation pulse she uses, so getting close (or letting HER get close) is a bad idea unless you can get it into cooldown.

A GOOD team can finish Hive Space (Normal) in about 10 minutes, a good team can finish Hive Elite in about 15-20 minutes. a team with out a Sci can be there all blinking night.
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