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02-05-2013, 01:19 PM
I'm mostly nitpicking at production decisions here, and most of these questions aren't meant to be taken seriously, but:

1) Why is every species except humanity named after their planet (or vice versa)? Romulans come from Romulus. Vulcans come from Vulcan. Andorians come from Andoria (or, occasionally, Andor - w00t inconsistancies!). The Tellarites come from Tellar. Denobulans come from - you guessed it - Denobula! Presumably, the Borg originated on Borgulus Prime or something. As a courtesy to our future alien neighbours, I propose we rename our planet Humania. Or maybe Humania III, for extra clarity.

2) This was sort of mentioned in the doctor McCoy question, but who in their right mind would EVER rely on transporters? I swear, they never work when you need them. How many times did Harry Kim say, "There's some kind of interference, captain! I can't get a lock!"? And always at the most damned inconvenient moment, too. I mean, you have spaceships that can wrap the laws of physics around their little nacelle, and safely fly through rips in the fabric of space-time, but noooo, you'd rather rely on technology less reliable than a 2001 Ford Explorer. Technology that takes you apart piece by piece, no less, and has been responsible for combining different people into one individual, creating evil twins of its users, hurling its victims into alternate dimensions, and inducing psychosis in those already crazy enough to use it.

3) If humans don't use money, how did the crew of DS9 pay for their drinks and holosuite time at Quark's?

4) Considering how many times Starfleet members have gone back in time to our era, why didn't any of them bother to watch Star Trek? They could have avoided a lot of stupid mistakes.