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I want the Federation and the Klingons to be more aggressive towards one another. I don't want to just pass by some Klink in sector space, I want to feel the feeling of "Oh S***" when I see a Klingon in sector space.

Being the "bad guy" in MMOs, for me, has been pretty satisfying up until now.

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Thanks, but I've gotta say this makes it a helluva difficult to read the whole thread because I'm not always sure who's doing it in character and who isn't.
Does it matter?

*shoots some random feddie in the face with their own phaser*

Whether one is RPing or not, their opinion is just as meaningful and valid.

I have to RP conflict because this game really fails at times with delivering it.

Am one of the many players who choose to play KDF solely because they were billed as "The PVP Faction" by cryptic.

We in turn handed the feddies their collective ass many times over to the point, they asked for FvF so to deny us the means to XP up. I remember those days and it was said on the forums as to why. Short memories around here *cough*

Sure, there were some really good PVPers on the feddie side but only a few. Most were too busy playing it up in Candyland and when they came to PVP, only ended up here on the forums crying for nerfs and access to KDF equipment.

Even if the feddies had the exact same gear as us, they still lose. Remember the cry for carriers? I remember the day they got them and they still cried after getting slaughtered in the queues.

Actually, it is no wonder there is such a cry of peace. Some are still vengeful for the past pew-pew, some want the devs to be able to focus more on the only ST faction in their eyes and some just want to play Candyland Online.

I been role-playing AND PVPing in games such as Anarchy Online, EVE, Star Wars Galaxies, Shadowbane, Ultima Online. Mass, open FFA slaughtering, running, crying, all-out PVP.

Shout out to Shadowclan.

Now I spend my time on the forums, wondering where the fun went and why?

Fighting "together" with enemies to address a so-called "greater" threat is just more proof that the feddies are trying to co-opt us out of fighting them proper.

Let's have a war.
"Dammit J'mpok! I'm a Warrior, not a Worrier!"

- KDF Ambassador Syon vocalizing her objection to the discussions of possible peace talks with the UFP due to recent Borg and Undine activities.
Hegh'bat, Stardate 66588.8

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