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02-05-2013, 01:04 PM
The Defiant has always been my favorite ship from the shows/movies, but when I first started playing STO, I wanted to be more of a Tac/Cruiser captain. I liked the idea of having a giant ship with powerful weapons, and even leveled all the way to Rear Admiral, Lower Half in Cruisers.

It was pretty fun in the beginning with the lower-level cruisers, but once I hit Captain and got stuck in the big ol' Galaxy, I started considering making the jump over to Escorts. It wasn't until I got the free ship token at Rear Admiral, Upper Half (this was before the game went F2P) that I decided to cut my teeth on the Advanced Escort.

I've been flying the Defiant Retrofit (now a Fleet Defiant-R) for about two years now. I never bought the Defiant-R from the C-Store since I got it with a token, but I did buy the Sao Paulo. I still stick to primarily Defiant parts on my ship, though. And no amount of theorycrafting about how much the [Dmg] modifier sucks compared to [Acc] modifiers will get me to swap out my Quad Cannons.