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Originally Posted by kvet View Post
So, I really liked this mission -- enough that I thought I'd actually post a quick comment on it. Usually, I don't take the time, but there is one aspect of this mission that surprised me. Yes, the voices, and story, funny easter eggs, etc, is all neat. Yes, there were some funny bugs (like my Adapted Maco head with no neck... and my KDF boffs showing all wrong), but there was on specific element that I thought was absolutely great and I REALLY hope to see it used much more widely: The layout of the tunnels is random and different every time you run it. That is a new thing in my experience with STO, and something I can't wait to see more of.
random layout? nah... I made a map:

I've run it several times and it's always had that layout. Now I have seen the accolades in different spots though.... look at the compass rose I made, the doors in the maze have Tholian symbols for north, etc. above them.

I have seen the issue with the mission not completing properly. I have gotten around this by turning in the mission before leaving Azure.

I can haz joystick!
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