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02-05-2013, 02:44 PM
The decision for me comes down to one question ? in which one do commoners benefit the most? Because let?s face it, I will likely be the people in the background, not the superheroes. To that end my choice is either Star Wars or Post Enterprise and here?s why:

Lord of the Rings ? Great if you?re a Hobbit, but the humans all seem to live in relative squalor unless you?re a king. So no.

Blade Runner
? Dark, artificial future, where I could end up being cloned or framed for murder. No thanks.

Marvel ? Yeah, I can see myself dangling over a bridge while some superheroes save the world at my expense. Also, the man of steel deflects bullets into the window where my office is, potentially killing me. Yeah I?ll pass for sure.

DC Universe ? Same as Marvel, with the addition of a maniacal clown who wants to blow up the ferry I?m taking home after work. So that would be a no.

Tropical Island
? Sounds like the North Sentinel Island, which is a fate worse than witnessing the end of the world. If I don't see a resort there, I would surely think twice before attempting this one.

Post-Enterprise ? Civilians don?t have lots of luxuries in Trek, not in any Trek series really, but disease is gone, money isn?t a driving factor anymore, replicators are everywhere, and people seem generally happy. But more importantly, I see culture thriving which is important to overall happiness.

Star Wars ? Rampant corruption, and political instability is likely to cause a major civil war that will unfortunately target civilians indiscriminately. But so many people, so many opportunities, there?s a chance to make a decent living. Again, this is a world where people outside of politics and war are generally happy, until you get blown up by a death star for being a pacifist. I would say this is acceptable.

Oh, and since you threw it in there?

Fifth Element ? If I wanted to live in a cube for the rest of my insignificant life, I would have moved back to Tokyo years ago.

Had you thrown in Caprica / BSG pre-invasion that would have been interesting. I think the living virtual world idea is cool.
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