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Originally Posted by lascaille View Post
im not sure, if breen transphasic cluster torps are op or not, in addition to the "one crit all crit"-bug.

but i'd like to interject, that i have seen several times sob / sad panda premades (sometimes filled up with some opvp? players, who have an equal setup), where all eng / sci have breen transphasic cluster torps.
often enough the eng / sci ships had nearly equal damage values to the escorts (tactical captains).

for sure, it is diffcult to compare, due to the fact, that the damage from the mines must not be directed towards a special target. but it is allways fascinating to see a well played tac escort with 600k damage and 100k healing, for example, among some eng and sci ships with eng and sci captains, dealing 400k damage and 400k healing.
especially when you remember all these "pimp my cruiser"-threads...
For what it's worth, STO's endgame scoreboard is near meaningless, even for heals. Quite frankly it can't even be used as a rough gauge, because you can go to the ACT afterwards and see a wildly different story.

Basically, the endgame scoreboard only counts effective hull damage. This means you can rack up very high numbers as a Sci/Eng with the trannies/cluster torps.

vids and guides and stuff

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