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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
DDO has good characters. And evil. Their alignment system, which is the grand daddy of factions, has multiple paths, so DDO does have a second faction. Unlock your dark elf, and run with it.
Wait, what? I played DOO with multiple toons and a huge guild, I don't recall anything notable about alignments at all. I did unlock dark elves, my primary was a dark elf wizard that I burned out on due to complexity. In fact, I remember there was literally nothing important about alignment other than equipment, class, and spell restrictions.

You managed to produce only a handful of names (and I stand corrected on EQ since I barely remember it), that hardly means multiple factions is a staple of "half decent" MMOs. I stand corrected on City of Heroes as well, as I played in the first few months after launch and it was single-faction for at least a year and a half before Cryptic released City of Villains.

Regardless, the existence of just GW1/2, LotRO, ***, and the others I mentioned should be sufficient to disprove your hyperbolic premise of "Every half-decent MMO has at least two factions."

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